Sheila as Jack!.jpg

Sheila Simmons

(Detective Jackie Morse)

Despite being the heir apparent to the Morse family legacy of law enforcement, Detective Jackie Morse (Sheila Simmons) has not had an easy entrance into the police force. She endured many trials and tribulations before becoming  the Commanding Officer of Squad 12, an elite and savvy undercover unit that is envied by others for their meticulous work ethic and efficiency, collaring some elusive criminals that astounds their superiors and pleases her father, Jonathan Morse who is so proud of his daughter and what she has and will accomplish in the future.   


 Detective Giovanni Niccolini (Johnny O' Shea) is a cool, competent cop who doesn't mind crossing the line sometimes to get his perp; or even fellow cop who gets in his way- or face. He is a master of caping and cajoling criminals, slyly relishing how he can easily burrow under one's skin, eventually unsettling even the most stoic, hardened criminal.

Johnny O' Shea

(Detective Vonny Niccolini)


Jack Mulcahy

(Detective Burl Pollitt)

Detective Burl Pollitt (Jack Mulcahy) is known as by-the-book cop, a police officer who  does his job according to the rules and regulations in his jurisdiction. There were a few times where he committed some offenses that didn't exactly bode well with the whole protect and serve oath, but for the most part, Burl knows how to keep his nose clean and a crime scene even cleaner. 

Von Bidder.JPG

Don't let Detective Alex Von Bidder's (Terrence Glen Thomas) affable demeanor and tone fool you, as it has with many suspects. He is known for lulling perps into a safe sense of security, with his persuasive, mellifluous voice and bearing. He is an expert on quickly assessing the credibility of a potential witness, suspect, or perp. His colleagues at the precinct regard Alex in high esteem.

Terrence Glen Thomas

(Detective Alex Von Bidder)


Detective Nicole Dalton (Maria O'Bryan) is known for her been-there, seen-that demeanor and approach which, belies the fact that she knows the immense significance of solving the often complicated and demanding cases usually assigned to her..

Maria O'Bryan

(Detective Nicole Dalton)


 Detective Lisa Garvey (Claire Buckingham)  is not one to underestimate because of her looks. She is a smart investigator who's armed with unflinching determination to solve her cases-as well as a steely gaze and killer right hook to fend off anyone who thinks otherwise..

Claire Buckingham

(Detective Lisa Garvey)

Jose .jpg

When there’s danger, most people run in the opposite direction. Not Det. Jose Ferrer(Aaron Mathias). He willingly runs headlong into the fray, just like his father and grandfather before him. He dutifully honors his family lineage, wearing his legacy like an eternal badge. 

Aaron Mathias

(Detective Jose Ferrer)


The conscious of the Squad 12, Detective Brad Russell (Eli Bridges) is a devoted family-oriented, man so most of his actions,  judgement calls, or decisions are solely based on his  financial outlook, or circumstances. Brad is a stalwart supporter of his unit, even in questionable situations that he faces. As long as a he can get  a nice cashflow happening, then he can be counted on to make things happen.

Eli Bridges

(Detective Brad Russell)


John Morena

(Detective Wayne Jenkins)

The most loyal and committed member of Squad 12, Detective Wayne Jenkins (John Morena)  makes his proclivity for hard work, hard partying and undercover scenarios known to anyone within earshot of him  His boastful demeanor - which is usually a source of annoyance for his partner, Det. Finn Garrett -is actually a ruse, as he has recurring chronic and debilitating bouts of  emotional insecurity. He confides in his boss and friend Jackie, who he admires reverently.

Cleary 5.jpg

Detective Tommy Cleary (Ted Morgan) is the former commander of Squad 12 and he resents that fact everyday. How he was demoted is still under wraps, only known to a chosen few, but theories abound  throughout the precinct, especially since he's still works with that crew, even though he's not running things like before. He is a credible cop that also comes from a long storied history of policemen and loves his job, but doesn't always convey that. 

Ted Morgan

(Detective Tommy Cleary)


The most reliable cop in the precinct, Detective Scott Bowden (Pete Mizzo) is known as the clutch hitter, able to handle intense, or high pressured interrogations and get the results needed to indict He also has a penchant for candy bars, which he will sometimes munch on mid-interview, and is quite the pantomath (google it) with his vast wealth of knowledge- some utterly useless, such as knowing what 'soaking' is (and that he'll happily explain later) . Scott is well liked by his peers and superiors alike.

Pete Mizzo

(Detective Scott Bowden)


Detective Rodger Coleridge (Martin Ewens) can say a lot without even speaking, which is quite a feat to possess. He has struck terror into the hearts of many suspects., eliciting some of the quickest confessions, or implications in the precinct. With his unnerving, fixed gaze that bores into their core. Rodger is an excellent interrogator, who can remain objective, open minded and receptive to the statements, or testimony given to him.

Martin Ewens

(Detective Rodger Coleridge)


 Detective John Brennan(Clark Beasley)

was a Mediator, until an agency director commended him for his reputation of fairness and equality. He was made the head of the IA Division, in which he runs the bureau efficiently with such moral impartiality, no one could ever claim favoritism or nepotism on his end.

Clark Beasley

(Detective John Brennan)


When Squad 12 member Detective Joey Mannix (Kevin Cusi) saunters into a room, you never know who you're going to get. Either he's abrasive and coarse, or meticulous and cordial. That depends on what his mood will be that day and whether his boss, Jackie Morse, is watching.

Kevin Cusi

(Detective Joey Mannix)


Captain Benjamin Harrison (Doug Walker) Had come up through the ranks admirably, impressing his commanders the by showing such strong leadership skills at a young age when he was a police officer, that his eligibility for the job a Police Captain. was inevitable. He is respected, and revered by all.

Doug Walker

(Capt. Ben Harrison)


The official poster boy for privilege  and entitlement, Windsor scion, Dale Windsor (Michael Ruggiere) has always felt that his parents owed him a good life and he should never have to work for a living. Vehemently balking at the notion of working,. Dale developed an incurable case of Affluenza, causing him to spiral headlong into a life of decadence and depravity, yet still believing that his rich parents will always fund his insidious indiscretions. Unfortunately for him, ,things did not work out that way. 

Michael Ruggiere

(Dale Windsor)


Glen Windsor (Steven Hauck) is  a very well-respected and philanthropic business magnate who  had just received an honor that was bestowed on his father, his grandfather and previous patriarchal generations before that. His wonderous celebratory evening comes to an abrupt halt with a devastating phone call.

Steven Hauck

(Glen Windsor)

Beth Driscoll.jpg

Det. Beth Driscoll (Eileen Sugameli) happily left behind a 9-5 desk job to become a cop and she is a good one. At her friend Jackie Morse's urging, she initially got involved in undercover work, but after experiencing a few harrowing incidents, decided that was not for her. She instead  works closely with Capt. Harrison and other divisions in the precinct.

Eileen Sugameli

(Detective Beth Driscoll)


A denizen of the streets since his childhood, J.D. Dillon (Vance Clemente) always means well, seems very innocent and sweet-natured, but his addictive tendencies tend to get him in trouble more often that not.

Vance Clemente

(J.D. Dillon)

Windsor 'Consigliere'  Robert Leyland  (David Arthur Bachrach) has always handled the family's business affairs with diligent aplomb and unwavering discretion until now - he must try to quell  a dire situation that threatens to taint the Windsor pedigree before it becomes public scandal.

David Arthur Bachrach

(Robert Leyland)

Curtis Suddo


Armed with a business acumen that stunned his college professors- some who are actually in the trade with him- Curtis Suddo (Carlos Arce, Jr.) was the college 'candy man' who catered to a grateful and very wealthy student clientele, while studying to receive his MBA. He now parlayed his school exploits into a lucrative Oxycontin cottage industry. 

Carlos Arce, Jr.

(Curtis Suddo)

Teo Wade, (Richard Mark Jordan) is the only child of two college professors and lifelong friend of Teo Wade, is an astute potrepreneur who is living his best life- until he's not. 

Richard Jordan

(Teo Wade)


An idealistic ingénue, Cecily Parker (Jazmine Casiano) is trying to make her way to fame and fortune, but is dealt a few debilitating blows that shatters the realm of her world.

Jazmine Casiano

(Cecily Parker)


Danny Salgado is a former cop who couldn't kick the habit, so he was unceremoniously kicked off the force that he served for nine years. Initially, he was placed on administrative suspension by his concerned collogues in the hopes that he could get clean, but while on leave, he tested positive for meth. Danny  is still well known throughout the precinct, only now for his frequent arrests and drug busts.

Nick Russo

(Danny Salgado)


Paul David Miller

(Doug Jaffee)